If you live in CANADA or OVERSEAS and you place an order for a single DVD after Jan. 27, 2013, you might notice a startlingly high shipping rate when you checkout from ANY online store on the internet.

On Jan. 27, 2013, The United States Postal Service (as well as UPS and FedEx) raised their International Shipping rates.  DRAMATICALLY.

But…  It only affects SMALLER orders, for example, single DVD orders.  For orders of 3 DVDs or more, the increase is only $1.00 over past rates!

Example.  Thunderstruck used to be able to ship a SINGLE DVD to CANADA for $3.60.  See Picture below for a shipment from December 2012 which shows the old rate for a single DVD to anywhere in Canada.


Canada shipping 2012












After January 27, the rate for the exact same package is $8.55!!!  The picture below is from a receipt on April 3, 2013.


Canada Shipping 2013






This is a TRAVESTY for the USPS to do this to small business.  It has also SEVERELY affected EBAY and AMAZON.COM.

It does not affect packages near as much if they weigh more.  In fact, our larger DVD packages (3 DVDs or more) the shipping only went up $1.00!!

Here are the new rates from the USPS:

Here are some discussion boards about the increases:    ::

I have looked into every possible way to ship, even looking for a shipper in Canada to do my single DVDs but once I pay them to do each order and the postage it is almost the exact same.

I am at a loss here, Thunderstruck World…  I am open for ideas.  Please chime in below in the comment section with constructive ideas.  Yes, UPS and FedEx went up also.  And they take way more paperwork than the USPS for each DVD shipped.

I am still looking for a solution, but for now our only option is to increase shipping charges.  We also pay $0.60 a piece for our shippers.  Add labels and travel to the post office and it’s around $9.50 to ship a single DVD….  It’s only around $3.00 to ship in the United States…


Another solution, of course, for international buyers, is to order 3 or more DVDs.  Then shipping is only $1.00 more than what it’s been since I started shipping to Canada 12 years ago.  I know this makes us sound like scoundrels, but it IS a solution for the single DVD shipping rate crisis…

Ideas, anyone?