Josh challenged the world, Tony scared us all with it, Towline put it to music. . . In case you haven’t heard or seen Thunderstruck II yet, there is a song in the film called “Evidence” by Utah band TOWLINE. You Want Proof? is the screaming intro that really made Tony’s hair stand on end and Josh challenge the Sledding Community into finding the steepest, tightest chutes in the world to climb! But as usual, noone in Team Thunderstruck has ANY graphical experience whatsoever! So we must rely on our awesome friends out there for help. So here it is:

Team Thunderstruck’s 2003-2004 slogan is “YOU WANT PROOF?”

We need a LOGO for the YOU WANT PROOF? slogan!


1. All entries become property of, without pride or prejudice.

2. All graphic’s artists agree that when entered, their graphic may be shown publically in any number of ways with respect to and Team Thunderstruck.

3. The winner, to be judged as such by Team Thunderstruck Riders, will receive $100.00 cash and a day in the sun and snow following us around as we film for TSIII.

4. All graphics must be clean enough to make large trailer stickers/graphics out of. We don’t want any 29 color custom sled pictures, we want graphics and easy sticker stuff!

5. All entries must be e-mailed as a JPEG with YOU WANT PROOF? GRAPHIC in the subject line to

Best of luck. Winner will be announced in early December or sooner if some cool stuff comes in!

What “YOU WANT PROOF?” means to me? All the BS people talk in this industry. All the posers. All the wannabes. All the vindictive little schmos that think they are the next best thing. There are so many computer-jockey sledders that make talk seem like it’s the only thing that matters, whether on the mountain or not. YOU WANT PROOF? is not only our new slogan, but our dedication that we are not that way. Team Thunderstruck believes whole-heartedly in our friendships with all our riders, our lives outside of sledding, our filming careers, our families, our sponsors, the places we ride, and our sleds and abilities. If you want proof of any of this, follow us around this winter. We have the evidence. Not trying to be cocky, not saying we have something to prove. It’s just a slogan. Take it as you will and PLEASE help us out with a logo!

-September 11, 2003