Big Sky X-treme Snowmobiling Productions is beginning a contest for the BEST NEW TEAM THUNDERSTRUCK Graphic. The winning graphic (and maybe some of the losers) will be made into stickers for promotional use by our riders.


1. All entries become property of, without pride or prejudice.

2. All graphic’s artists agree that when entered, their graphic may be shown publically in any number of ways with respect to and Team Thunderstruck.

3. The winner, to be judged as such by Team Thunderstruck Riders, will receive $50.00 cash, a Team TS hat, a Team TS video of their choice, and a day in the sun and snow following us around as we film for TSIII.

4. All graphics must be clean enough to make stickers out of. We don’t want any 29 color custom sled pictures, we want graphics and easy sticker stuff!

5. All entries must be e-mailed as a JPEG with NEW TS GRAPHIC in the subject line to

TTS 250 skinny

Here is a sample graphic from Dustin at

Any other questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail!!

Simple typewritten fonts that say Team Thunderstruck will NOT be included unless it is a custom font!! Shadows and the such are great!

Winner will be announced in November! Stay Tuned!

-September 11, 2003