My poor computer. . . It’s July 1st, 2:48am. I’m getting ready to go to bed. Thunderstruck III is almost halfway done. I’ve changed editing techniques this year so it’s taking much longer than expected. The footage I have to choose from is insane. Anyone want to see over 6 MINUTES of Mr. Cliff himself, DAN GARDINER dropping everything in the mountains he could find? How about the most insane helicopter footage ever in a sled film? How about Mustang Johnny taking the STING to amazing limits with its direct nitrous injection. . . In fact, I’m editing Mustang’s segment now. And amazing 37 year old newcomer Shane Kynaston is going to raise some heart rates! This guy is NUTS! He followed Gardiner off almost every cliff Dan tried this year! And those Utah Turbo Hounds. . . Wait ’til you see the story of the Fireworks climb. . . To awesome to be true. . . But wait, it was true, I was there! I filmed it! Man, these all-nighters are warping me! Anyway, stay tuned for the next post here. . . The film will be finished the next time there is new news here. In the meantime, join our forums and say hi!

Happy Independence Day!

– July 1, 2004