HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Team Thunderstruck has been abuzz with dreams of finishing our mod sleds before the snow gets too deep! But we haven’t had the need to get too excited as snow levels all around the West (except California) are the worst in years! But we are getting ready for the snow and 4 of our new mods will be unveiled this weekend at a SPONSOR/RIDER meeting, the location of which is CONFIDENTIAL!! If you do see our trailers pulling into town, say hi!

On other fronts: There was a large avalanche in the main bowl in Copper Creek this Saturday (Jan 4) where we normally ride. It piled almost 30 feet high at the bottom and over 1000 feet of mountain slid. YUK! With the snow pack so unstable this year please be prepared while in the backcountry. Please get yourself an AVALANCHE BEACON, probes, shovels, saws and a small, portable emergency kit. The life you save may be your best friend or even a family member!

Next stop: Confidential, then Utah, then Boise!

– January 3, 2003