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From Tri-Cities, Washington

Chapter 1:  “THE CROWD” : Thunderstruck 14 Intro and Teaser!  An absolute rocking shredder with hooks and melodies that never end!  Just a crazy badass song!  One of the most popular songs on TS14!

Chapter 3:  “STAY” : Rider Intro – What an awesome slower intro song!  “On a southbound train…”  Mellows you out before the hard hitting first rider section!

Chapter 14:  “STARLIGHT” : Ridge Brown and Rhonda Down Segment – I called Ridge last summer and told him that he is getting a “love” song for his section.  I’m pretty sure he was not happy!  Until he saw this amazing collaboration!  The song molds to the footage seamlessly and truly makes this segment one of the most powerful in the film.  Coupled with the deepest powder footage in years, this is awesome!!

Chapter 20:  “SUNBURNT CRADLE” : Dan Bush and Dan Adams Segment – Mellow start and hard rocking finish helps this song stand out like dual JL subs in a VW!  Great melodies and smooth musicianship, this song slays!


TRIBAL THEORY :: Thunderstruck 14 :: 2015 :: Tribal Theory on Facebook

From San Diego, CaliforniaScreen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.40.11 AM

Our collaboration with Tribal Theory was the first time we have ever used Reggae Music in one of our Thunderstruck Movies.  And it blew people’s minds!  It is simple to say this, reggae and Thunderstruck are perfect for each other!  Make sure you check out these 2 amazing sections!!

Chapter 9:  “CALI LOVE” : Brock Hoyer Segment – Classic reggae riffs with lyrical wizardry Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.46.12 AMsend Brock into orbit on his SnowBike!  Great style and will truly take you to a tropical paradise when you listen to this song!

Chapter 13:  “ALRIGHT” : John Outhet Segment – Even though it’s a reggae song “Alright” starts out with the lyrics “It’s like the mountain’s in my way…” and it truly molds to JohnO’s awesome riding style perfectly.  And JohnO loves reggae so he was pleasantly surprised when he first saw his section!  What a great song!!


SIERASLAVE :: Thunderstruck 14 :: 2015

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From Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Chapter 5:  “BREAKOUT” : Linden Ladouceur Segment – A song with style that reflects the riding style of Linden, this mellow yet melodic song really makes Linden’s segment stand out.  A great song matched to Linden’s amazing riding!Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.55.31 AM

Chapter 8:  “NO PLAN B” : Nick England Segment – A sweeping guitar intro fueled by a rising drum beat sends this song skyward immediately.  Hooky and catchy and great lyrics and music!  And wait for the power chorus!  It’s awesome!!

Chapter 16:  “UNHEARD” : Shad Simmons Segment 2 – A kicked-back mellow acoustic jam with smooth lyrics and a nice pickup in the middle.  A short musical song perfect for this little ditty about Shad Simmons and what he means to Thunderstruck!


TRIDON :: Thunderstruck 14 :: 2015Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 2.17.43 AM

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From Phoenix, Arizona

Notice!!  Tridon is currently looking for a new lead guitarist!  Hit them up on Facebook if you know anyone who shreds!

Chapter 11: “SEIZE THE MOMENT” : Caleb Kesterke Segment – This is an absolute anthem that takes a mellow leaScreen Shot 2016-05-29 at 2.18.26 AMp into a dreamscape and then it drops into some serious rock.  The lyrics to this song are very meaningful and go perfectly with the riding style of Caleb!

Chapter 12:  “PERSEVERANCE” : Cole Willford Segment – “Get up, get up, get down with the feeling!”  A shredding guitar leads this song’s catchy chorus throughout and leaves little doubt that this song rocks!  One of the more popular songs on TS14, it has groove, melodies and ROCK AND ROLL!



BREAKING GRACE :: Thunderstruck 14 :: 2015Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.17.47 AM :: Breaking Grace on FacebookScreen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.17.25 AM

From Temperence, Michigan

Chapter 4:  “LET’S GET LOADED” : Jeff “Rozzy” Rosner Segment – A rocking song all about misbehaving!  Traveling city to state and back to city highlight this huge rocker with heavy guitars and a catchy chorus!  And it truly does fit perfectly with Rozzy’s footage!

Chapter 6:  “MY SICKNESS” :  Shad Simmons Segment 1 – Slamming into hard guitars and drums, the vocals come in and thrash!  Some cool vocal effects add style and grunge!  And of course, the groovy and catchy chorus talks all about “My Sickness”!

Chapter 20:  “FOREVER ENDS TODAY” : Riley Wadsworth Segment – A dirging guitar starts this great song and dives into some rocking guitars, then back to laid-back vocals!  A slamming chorus will get you rocking again!

GAWTBASS :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Gawtbass pic

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From Chicago, Illinois

Never before have so many people been enamored by a new band on Thunderstruck movies.  But Gawtbass is one of those bands that stormed onto our films and blew people away!  Graham is an amazing musician and his Soundcloud page allows FREE downloads so get over there and have some fun with this great EDM/Dubstep/HouseBlend music!!!

Chapter 3:  “SATIVA” : Sponsor Segment – A rolling hillside of dynamic music, “Sativa” mellows us out nicely after the hard-hitting intro…  And prepares us for the onslaught of the film!!

Chapter 12:  “FIFTH DIMENSION” : Shad Simmons Segment – Truly a head-turning segment with an amazing rider smashing the boundaries between sledding and the amazing music of Gawtbass…  Renowned as one of the best segments in TS13, Shad made sure he rocketed straight to the top of the film industry, into the “FIFTH DIMENSION” with Gawtbass!!

Chapter 14:  “SECRET” : Cameron Hicks Segment – Another head-turning segment!  Mashing music with epic riding and slashing the neverland between what is real and what looks and feels imaginary!  Check this section out and FEEL the bass!




THE NIXON RODEO :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Nixon Rodeo pic

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From Spokane, Washington

Chapter 18:  “WATERGATE” : Mark Mesenbrink and Brett Coupal Segment – Slowing it down in a little “dirgy” guitar to start, “Watergate” soon dives straight into the bowels of rock and roll!  Great song!!

Chapter 23:  “OPPOSITE OF ME” : Riley Hoyle and Smasher Segment – Rock and Roll never sounded so good!  Great lyrics poke fun at real life!  And of course it just rocks!!

Chapter 26:  “QUITTER” : Credits Segment – I love this song!  Didn’t want to put it on any rider’s segments because none of us are quitters!!  LOL





SHYNER :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Shyner Pic

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From Wichita, Kansas

Chapter 8:  “WILD RIDE” : Ryan Smith Segment – Smashing guitars and drums and of course the “Wild Ride” vocals!  Fun song and watching Ryan is a journey itself!!

Chapter 11:  “FALLING DOWN” : Jeff Rosner Segment – A heavy dirge that takes “Rozzy’s” section over the edge!  Grinding guitars, solid percussion and great vocals make this song stand out!

Chapter 13:  “OPEN YOUR EYES” : Randy Swenson Segment – Faster, Faster, Faster!  Another heavier song that puts the point across that it’s right in front of you, “Open Your Eyes”!!!





THE UPSET VICTORY :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Upset Victory

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From Cincinnati, Ohio

Chapter 16:  “FAKE THIS” :  Matt Losey Segment – Just a pounder-song that runs the gamut of fun and rock and roll!  Great upbeat tempo and lyrical wizardry!






THE TUMBLIN’ DICE :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Tumblin Dice pic

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From Victoria, BC, Canada

Chapter 10:  “COUNTRY NIGHT” : Trennis Baer Segment – Easily hailed as one of the best songs on Thunderstruck 13, and yes, it’s a country song, “Country Night” is a perfect fit for cowboy Trennis and his ways both on and off the snowmobile.  Rockin’ country music is always funa dn always fits right in and the lyrics and music of this song blow people away.  Dance, sing, watch, whatever, it’s awesome!  Or better yet, come to a snow show and watch Matt Down and Jim Phelan drum along with rolled up posters!!

Chapter 21:  “WHISKEY ON THE FIRE” : Melanie Nitz and Nick England Segment – So we have now tried country music in a Thunderstruck film, what does everyone think?  We LOVE it and The Tumblin’ Dice got great reviews!!  “Whiskey on the Fire” is another rockin’ country song with catchy lyrics and of course great music!  And the chorus is just perfect to sing along to!

Listen to “COUNTRY NIGHT” and learn the lyrics on Youtube now!



TEN MINUTE DETOUR :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Ten Minute Detour Pic

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From Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Chapter 7:  “JUST DON’T KNOW” : Brock Hoyer Segment – With its full stops and huge hooks, this was a great song to edit Brock’s fast-paced riding style to!  The music just fits and the segment turned out amazing!!!  Catchy rhythms and lyrics!!

Chapter 15:  “BLOW ME AWAY” : Julio Eiguren Segment – It seems I always slow it down for Julio because his riding style just lends itself to slower songs.  It’s easy to throw Julio into slow motion just as easy as it is to keep him in true motion!  And the lyrics just work too!!

Chapter 25:  “LITTLE PEACH” : Jim Phelan, etc Segment – Catchy drums and hooky guitars drive this fun and kicked-back song!

Listen to “BLOW ME AWAY” right now on youtube!



ROYAL BLISS :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014Royal Bliss pic

Royal Bliss Website

From Salt Lake City, Utah

Chapter 5:  “DEVILS AND ANGELS” (Rock Remix) : John Outhet Segment – I first heard this song, in an acoustic version, long ago on an online radio station.  I bought it on iTunes and on a crazy lark, I decied to contact Royal Bliss and see if they would allow us to use their music.  Yes, they said!  And I was happy, I absolutely love this band and this version of their great song, “Devils and Angels”!!

Chapter 22:  “CRY SISTER” : Rhonda Down Segment – Every song by Royal Bliss just screams rock adn “Cry Sister” is no different!  An incredible hook and easy to sing chorus leads straight into lyrical wizardy!  Great tune from a great band!

An amazing song “DEVILS AND ANGELS”, right here, on Youtube!



INNOCENT MAN :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014

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From Boise, Idaho

Chapter 7:  “WHISTLER” : Josh Marshall Segment – It seems everyone in the snow industries, whether it be sledding, skiing or snowboarding, has a “Whistler” story.  Yep, Whistler, BC, Canada.  Well Innocent Man is no different and this rocking and fun song tells their story as they trample the world on their way to play in Whistler!  Awesome song!



IN MOTION :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014

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From Hobe Sound, Florida

Chapter 17:  “DEAR DEVIL” : Dan Bush and Shawn Nesbo Segment – Bo and the crew at In Motion send this rocking Florida song right into the Rocky Mountains with full stops and fun lyrics!



DESIGNER :: Thunderstruck 13 :: 2014

Designer Website :: Designer FacebookDesigner Band pic

From the United Kingdom

Chapter 19:  “UNDER A SILVER SKY” : Sid Hutsman and Cole Wilford Section – A rocking mixture of many musical elements and a catchy hook an vibe make this song a great fit for Sid and Cole!

Chapter 20:  “SUBLIME” : Shawn Hastings and Dave Schell Section – A mellow, catchy tune that serves up both pop and rock elements sends this section to the moon and back!

RED LINE CHEMISTRY :: Thunderstruck 11 :: 2012

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From Kansas City, Missourired-line-chemistry copy

Chapter 1: “VICIOUS CYCLES” :  Intro Section, song 2 – Without a doubt the biggest band we have ever featured in a Thunderstruck movie, RLC is a constant stand-alone atop the rock music charts.  Vicious Cycles simply had what it took to sear the intro of Thunderstruck 11 into the world’s minds.  It truly is a great rock song and there’s not much I can say here, just listen to it!

Chapter 9: “DEJA VU” :  Mark Mesenbrink Section – Crunching guitars and a melodic chorus make this song one you’ll never forget.  Showcasing the talents of Mark Mesenbrink, it rocks from beginning to end with shouts of “yeah!” throughout!  Great song!

Chapter 10:  “VICIOUS CYCLES – ACOUSTIC VERSION” :  Randy Swenson Section – What a great song!  I just had to throw this amazing acoustic set of our intro song into the mix.  It fits so perfectly with Randy’s awesome footage!  I could listen to this song all day!

Chapter 13:  “FIRE RISING” :  Trennis and Cole Section – Another killer song from RLC!  Mellow and relaxing with a great rock vibe, the chorus grabs you by the throat and squeezes!  “The Sun will rise Again!”  Showcasing the great riding of Trennis and Cole and a few others, this song puts a smile on anyone’s face!

Chapter 14:  “FIRE RISING – ACOUSTIC VERSION” :  Credits – Red Line Chemistry did it again!  They took an already amazing song and threw down an incredible acoustic version!  Makes reading through the credits totally worthwhile!!


FIVE YEARS FURTHER :: Thunderstruck 11 :: 2012

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From Edmonton, AlbertaFive Years Further

Chapter 3: “MOVE” :  Julio Eiguren Section, song 1 – This song caught my ear last January and I fought tooth and nail to get the rights for this great song!  One of my favorites on TS11 and on ANY Thunderstruck movie, it melts rock with metal-rap with a catchy chorus and just an overall awesome beat and sound!  Lyrics rock, music rocks, and of course it just rushes Julio’s amazing footage right into your veins!

Chapter 7: “NOW OR NEVER” :  Tina Thomas Section – A rocking intro to this song gets all blood pumping  as Tina’s section starts.  Great song writing and singing highlight this tune which is so easy to listen to just a few times and know by heart!  Great song with nice editing licks and even a full stop or 2, it just simply delivers adrenaline!

Chapter 8: “HOME” :  Linden Ladouceur Section, song 1 – No doubt this song is VERY slow for a sledding soundtrack.  Adding ballads into a fast-paced sport is risky but with Linden’s amazing slow-motion shots it just works!  And the message of the song is so cool I just had to do it!

THROW THE FIGHT :: Thunderstruck 11 :: 2012

Throw the Fight Website  ::  Throw the Fight on Youtube  ::  Throw the Fight on Facebook

From Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chapter 3:  “LIGHTS OUT FOR SUMMER” : Julio Eiguren Section, song 2 – A perfect sledder’s anthem, throwthefight webas summer is usually our least favorite time, this rocking song just rips!  It’s as if we want our lights put out for summer, wake us up when the snow flies!!  Excellent song from Throw the Fight!!

Chapter 12: “NOT SO HOLLYWOOD” : Cam Hicks Section – One of my favorite songs on the soundtrack and the music video just rocks!  Cam has been nicknamed “Hollywood” for years and some of the lyrics just shout out CAM HOLLYWOOD HICKS: “Give him the spotlight… ‘Cuz that’s so Hollywood” and “We’re never gonna be like you, we’re not so Hollywood”.  Cam really is one of the best riders in the world and this song and his section are just fun!

Chapter 13: “BLOODSHOT EYES” :  Matt, Devin, Tom Section, song 3 – As always, Throw the Fight just writes great tunes!  The crunching guitar as Tom Schulke’s snowmobile slams into the back of his head after a rollover just makes you grit your teeth!  Awesome song, awesome band!



GORDON AVENUE :: Thunderstruck 11 :: 2012

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From Portland, OregonGordon Avenue pic web

Chapter 4: “BROKEN PIECES MAKE THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS” :  Riley Jensen Section – An amazing song that starts out just perfectly, highlighting Riley Jensen’s amazing slow-motion powder days from the TS11 season.  Then, about halfway through, this song rips you into two “pieces” and rocks through the remainder of Ri-Ri’s crazy-good footage.  Great song and one of my favorite sections in Thunderstruck 11!

Chapter 5: “CAN’T ESCAPE” :  Mark Dixson Section – A killer bass line leads into this awesome Gordon Avenue song.  In all our test listens in anticipation of Thunderstruck 11, this song consistently rated in the top 3 of all the songs in TS11!  A catchy chorus and a fun, laid-back vibe (until the end) make this song pure anthem material and make Mark Dixson’s already awesome section that much better!

Chapter 13: “MOMENT I MEET MY WISH” :  Joe and Klim Section, song 2 – A bit of a sappy ballad had to go into the mix somewhere and this one from Gordon Avenue is fast-paced enough to flow smoothly with the great powder footage.  Great breaks and fun lyrics tempt you to make this an easy sing-along song on the TS11 soundtrack!


FLY2VOID :: Thunderstruck 11 :: 2012

Fly2Void Website  ::  Fly2Void on Youtube  ::  Fly2Void on Facebook

From Boise, IdahoFly2Void2

Chapter 2: “MY ESCAPE” :  Rider and Sponsor Section – A great song with a laid-back feel highlights the riders and sponsors of Thunderstruck 11.  One of my favorite Fly2Void songs.

Chapter 6: “DIRTY” :  Dan Bush Section – Fun and intelligent lyric writing and great music highlight this great song from Boise-based Fly2Void.  The mini-dirge and soaring lyrics in the middle really shows the bands soft side while the song blows your mind from beginning to end!




EYE EMPIRE :: Thunderstruck 11 :: 2012

Eye Empire Website  ::  Eye Empire on Youtube  ::  Eye Empire on Facebook

From Georgia, Ohio and Florida


Thunderstruck 11 Playlist:

Chapter 8: “FEEL’S LIKE I’M FALLING” :  Linden Ladouceur Section, Song 2 – Fast paced and crunching vocals highlight this great song from Eye Empire.  Showcasing all aspects of their musical abilities, it also highlights Linden’s amazing riding skills!

Chapter 11: “IGNITE” :  John Outhet Section – A medium paced rocker with soaring vocals and exquisite bass and guitar work.  Pushes JohnO to huge heights as the chorus rages in your ears!




From Minneapolis, MN :: Smiling Politely on Facebook :: Smiling Politely on MySpace

Smiling Politely


Chapter 2: “DEATH IN SLOW MOTION” : Intro/Teaser – Although the teaser to TS10 starts out with orchestral notes, it segues quickly into this amazing rock and roll anthem which truly was one of the craziest songs to edit to ever!  I had so much fun with the slamming rhythms, pounding drums and ethereal slow sections, it just REALLY added a lot to the amazing footage showcased here.  You can check this teaser and DEATH IN SLOW MOTION out here:  TS10 TEASER – 2011

Chapter 7, Song 2: “DOWN” : Julio Eiguren Section, Song 2 – Smiling Politely wrote a perennial favorite here, a song which gets compliments everywhere we go!  From slow to medium paced, the catchy chorus and excellent edit-ablilty make Julio’s riding and antics look like a dreamy winter dessert!  A great song, well written and well performed!

Chapter 15:  “SO FAR GONE” : Brett Coupal/Julie Marquart Section – A mellow, anthem-like ballad with catchy melodies, this song drives its lyrics right into the rider’s sections, and for sure, as Brett’s sled rolls down the hill, we all think he is “So Far Gone”!  A fun ballad nonetheless, it is a perfect backdrop for Julie’s great powder riding also!

Chapter 16:  “VILLIAN” : Doug Anderson/Doc Shawn Nesbo Section – a slow start slices into some rocking guitar as Doug rips on his Nytro turbo.  And no doubt a “Villian”, Doc Nesbo takes his stocker Cat into the deepest snow of the year and has a few stuck issues!  A great, driving song that showcases the great rhythms and melodies that Smiling Politely has to offer.


TROY LAKUSTA SEGMENT: “ALONE” Another band with great production values, Alone exudes adrenaline and lyrically it just rocks!

DOUG ANDERSON/JOE BUSHILLA SEGMENT: “BURN” Anthem like in its delivery, this laid-back journey-of-a-song just takes you on the perfect ride. Awesome!

CAMERON HICKS SEGMENT: “FLY” Also one ofmy favorite songs on TS9, this songs just makes sense for Cam! Flying is one of the things he does best! A rocking ballad that surely inserts you deep into the heart of a snowy winter day!

RANDY SWENSON SEGMENT 2: “TONIGHT” This music almost makes a person cry! Awesome lyrics and music with a catchy rhythm, this is another song from Smiling Politely that ranks right up there with the best on TS9!

JULIO EIGUREN SEGMENT 2: “WAITING FOR THAT DAY” Julio was so happy this year when he got to hear he did not have any slow songs in his section! This rocker takes Julio’s footage into oblivion, with its catchy chorus punching you right into the snow!



From Edmonton, Alberta ::  Greg Wood Website ::  Greg Wood on Reverb

Greg Wood                                                     


GREG WOOD, a splash of bluesy-roots rock music mixed with authentic lyrics about love and lies, shaken with some smokin’ guitar, goes down smooth!

Whether in rockin’ anthems that will have you singing along, pumping your fist in the air, or heartfelt songs that make you believe he knows about the love you just lost, Greg’s guitar takes over singing where his distinctive, richly toned voice leaves off.

It was Greg’s electric guitar solos that first brought him to the stage. Loving the spotlight, he has been performing ever since. He has captivated audiences in venues both intimate as cafes, and as large as theatres/ festivals, performing at a multitude of events including BOONSTOCK 2011.

The EP
“Set You Free” (2008) and debut album “Greg Wood” (2009) charted on several college radio stations from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver Island; both had songs in light to heavy rotation on community, specialty, and several commercial stations.

“GREG WOOD III” released August 2011, is an eclectic and exciting collection, available on iTunes and other retailers world-wide.

Got wood?


Chapter 6: “RIDE ON” : Riley Jensen Section – We are truly blessed with having Greg on the TS10 soundtrack and believe it or not, he has become a friend of the riders and fans after attending the Sept 17th, 2011 Edmonton Premiere to party with us all!  What a ball we had!!  This great bluesy ballad/rocker is a great compliment to Riley’s amazing fluidity and it really conveys a great attitude that Riley always brings to the parking lot!  A great song from a great performer, check Greg’s new Acoustic stuff out also on ReverbNation!

Chapter 8:  “BORN TO BE ALONE” : Trennis Baer Section – Trennis had a rough end to his season as he totaled his front end of his sled, motor and all, and had to pay a chopper several thousand dollars to get his sled out.  Well, never being much of a rocker, Trennis’ section and footage rides along perfectly with this catchy, bluesy, ballady, rocking song from Mr. Greg Wood.  A great chorus with an excellent tag line, the whole song just melts you right into the style and presence of Trennis and his abilities.

Chapter 9:  “LITTLE WHILE” : Tina Thomas Section – Attitude!  Both song and rider!  Not sure why I thought of Tina when I first heard this awesome song from Greg Wood, but it just goes with any attitude of any hardcore riding chick!  With little on her mind but her sled and horsepower, the song takes us to that place, that place where Tina’s attitude and abilities shine through the great song!  One of my favorites!  And VERY easy to edit to!

Chapter 10, Song 2:  “RAZORBLADES” : Randy Swenson Section, Song 2 – Not sure how Greg can write every song so dang catchy, but what an amazing song!  Well written, well sung, a great song, PERIOD!  Showcasing Randy’s crazy antics, it really steams towards that climax in its chorus!  Great, great song!!

Chapter 17:  “OLD DUSTY ROAD” : Assorted Rider Section – I just listened to Greg’s acoustic version of this song tonight and in any way, this is just a great song.  The catchy lyrics drive the chorus right into your head and will have you singing it all day.  As a sidenote, I did have to block out one “adult” word in this song so although it may sound like a glitch in the matrix, it is actually just a little editing trick to get rid of those words without changing the music or beeping the word!  GREAT SONG, as are all of Greg Wood’s songs!



From Minneapolis, Minnesota ::  Tepetricy on Reverb :: Tepetricy on Facebook

Tepetricy Amazon


Chapter 3: “THE BRONZE OUTFIT” : Intro 2/Sponsors – A fast-paced rocker that never quits, this song with progressive riffs and great starts/stops throws Tepetricy’s style out for the masses and gives Thunderstruck fans a taste of a great Rock band!

Chapter 4:  “CHALLENGER” : Mark Mesenbrink Section – Slowing things down a little bit for Mark’s section, this is a great song with great meaning behind it.  Adding to it is Mark’s crazy and sometimes funny antics, the footage and the music seem to melt together and form an amazingly cohesive unit!

Chapter 12:  “A LONESOME NIGHT IN TRIAGE” : John Outhet Section – Starting vocally with a little background guitar, it falls into a crashing anthem that begins a dirge of progressive keys and guitars very reminiscent of the great band Dream Theater!  Never letting up, just like JohnO!



From Spokane, Washington ::  Oceans Divide Website :: Oceans Divide on Reverb

Oceans Divide


Chapter 5, Song 2: “BARELY ALIVE” : Mark Dixson Section, Song 2 – No question, Ocean’s Divide is on eof the best Rock bands in the Northwestern US!  With each song they weave intricate musical and lyrical webs, and at the end you are always wanting more.  The title here, BARELY ALIVE, puts Mark Dixson’s crazy antics to the test and whether or not Mark is on the verge throughout his section, this song pumps up the footage and really makes it shine.  I thought twice about using this song as the chorus sounds like it says “buried alive” and of course as backcountry sledders that is exactly what we DO NOT want to do!  But common sense reigned, we know the lyric is BARELY ALIVE, so enjoy the song and footage and check out Ocean’s Divide!

Chatper 7, Song 1: “ONE STEP CLOSER” : Julio Eiguren Section, Song 1 – Another great rocking song from Ocean’s Divide, the great vocals and rocking, driving guitars sound like molten lava for the ears as Julio blows our minds on his Apex!  With a great and very catchy chorus, this song pinches, pulls and grinds us into a powdery heaven!

Chapter 10, Song 1:  “SEE WHAT I SEE” : Randy Swenson Section, Song 1 – Probably the craziest guitars on the soundtrack, this song grinds in a fast-paced manner with solid, permeating rhythm guitars.  With a catchy chorus and an overall great feel (a la Nickelback, perhaps), this song is one that gets tons of compliments and discussion.  And when it climaxes, watch out!  Great Guitar solo!

Chapter 14:  “REVOLUTION” : Linden Ladouceur/Joe Bushilla Section – The Fight of our Lives!  Revolution brings just about everything a rock song can bring, harmony, guitar, slamming drums, a great chorus, catchy lyrics….  Well, like I said, everything!  Showcasing newcomer Linden and old-hat Joe, this great song leaves us all wanting more Ocean’s Divide!



From Edmonton, Alberta  ::  Tupelo Honey Website :: Tupelo Honey on Reverb

Tupelo Honey


Chapter 5, Song 1: “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR” : Mark Dixson Section, Song 1 – One of my favorite songs on the TS10 Soundtrack, Tupelo Honey, an amazing band from central Alberta, drives the amazing footage Mark Dixson provided right into your chest, putting amazing fear and chill-factor into each second!  An awesome pair with Marl’s craziness, Tupelo Honey is a reigning Canadian Rock band that is a welcome addition to TS10!


From Chicago, Illinois ::  5 Step Drop on Facebook :: 5 Step Drop on Reverb

5 STEP DROP logo


Chapter 13:  “SOLITUDE” : Dan Bush/Travis Hyde/Jim Phelan Section – This song caught my ear the second I heard it.  Rocking much like one of my favorite bands of all time, Warrior Soul, this Windy City-based band really shines on this amazing song!  Speaking of the insanity one encounters from being alone, it showcases the footage nicely and really starts rocking, taking sled, rider and fan over the top!

Chapter 18:  “SENSES LOST” : Credit Section – The perfect ballad, the ethereal vocals in this song just make us melt into the strato-lounger!  Catchy and fun, this song really deserves its own riding section but alas, we ran out of room on the DVD!  A great song from a great band, I cannot wait to hear their new stuff coming soon!



FORTHANGELForthangel album web



BRAD STORY SEGMENT 2: “ALIVE” A catchy rocking song that punches you right in the zipper! Great music, great lyrics and a catchy hook!

TRAVIS HYDE/JOHN OUTHET/DAN BUSH SEGMENT: “CONFIDENCE” An eerie intro with great vocals, it turns into a rocking anthem in no time! A great song from a great band!

INTRO TO TS9/YOUTUBE TEASER: “SIGNS OF STRUGGLE” This song has already been heard over 50,000 times on youtube and will get tens of thousands more hits over the next couple months! What a great intro and song, overall just great to hear in all aspects!

MARK DIXSON/WES LITTLE SEGMENT: “STORY OF THE WORLD” One of ForthAngel’s newer songs, this thing just puts some aggression into the film! Backing Mark D and Wes, it absolutely rocks and without a doubt has one of the catchiest choruses on TS9!



DIGITAL SUMMERDigital summer



Chapter 11, Song 1:  “INSIDE MY HEAD” : Cam Hicks Section, Song 1 – Driving, teasing, putting forth great rock, this is just a great song from Digital Summer!  The slower bridges drive toward the chorus and the second verse just flows out of the lead singer’s vocal chords like melted butter on lobster!  Yep, it’s that good!

Chapter 11, Song 2: “THE THRILL” : Cam Hicks Section, Song 2 – Heavy and melodic, THE THRILL takes you on a fast-paced journey up and down the mountains of southern British Columbia!  Chain saw guitars and great lyrics mixed with Cam and Tyler Hick’s amazing footage really takes each and every one of us on a “THRILL” ride!  “Maybe we’re insane, but maybe we don’t care!” are the lyrics that take off on a nice dirge in the middle, ending in a crash of sound and melody and grinding vocals.  GREAT song!


RANDY SWENSON SECTION 1: “ANYBODY OUT THERE” Some fancy editing put the excellent a capella verse right at the beginning but asyou listen you see the hooks and rythms in the song just put you on the snow! Awesome!

SHAWN HASTINGS/JULIE MARQUART SECTION: “MORPHINE” An awesome lyrical song with a great tone, easily dips the watcher and listener into the deepest powder fields in the world! With a rocking course, it is easy to take the morphine out and put the adrenaline in!

RIDERS AND SPONSORS SECTION: “SHALLOW” Another amazing song from Digital Summer, with a catchy chorus and awesome lyrics!

GUESTS SECTION: “TODAY” Laid back, tempting, really makes a powder-filled day easy to imagine. A great song from beginning to end, Today is every day for us in the mountains!


HARDSIXHard6 banner web



INTRO (partial) and JULIO EIGUREN SECTION: “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY” Ok, this song just flat out goes in a sledding video! The lyrics take you on some sort of ride 🙂 and the rhythm, beat, guitars and drums just take it into a total party arena!

BRAD STORY SECTION 1: “GOTTA DO IT FOR ME” This band just rocks, I ruly hope HardSix put out a full length disc! Their production values a amazing and this song just blares great music! Laid back with a hooked-out catchy chrous, this song is epic!




Also available on ITUNES!


TRENNIS BAER SECTION: “NEXT TIME” An incredible anthem-type rock song brings Trennis’ awesome riding to life! A very catchy song!

DAVE SCHELL SECTION: “EASIER SAID” Quite possibly one of the best songs on the soundtrack, it comes at you with rocking riffs and excellent vocals!


#5 Brad Story/Jim Phelan/Doug Anderson section :: “‘TIL IT’S OVER” Slowing down the pace to some amazing hill climbing and powder riding, this song sets a perfect mood for the great section!

#9 Randy Swenson section 1 :: “FROZEN” The look on all our faces when we watch Swenson do what he does. This guy is the most awe-inspiring rider I’ve seen. Doing many first ascents and rarely if ever backing down, this song pins Randy into amazing riding situations. Great song, Amazing rider!

#12 Shain Stanger section :: “SOUL DEPOSIT” A great, hook laden song adds much color to Shain’s awesome segment! The name of AtB’s CD is “Lost in the Soul Deposit”.

#13 Ange/Joe/Julie section :: “WHEN IT ALL MADE SENSE” Slowing it down for some great boondocking and powder riding, this song heats up in the chorus for some higher-tempo riffs as the riders shred powder!

#14 Dan Davidoff section :: “COME A LONG WAY” A fast paced song fits the Krazy Canadian’s personality perfectly. This guy truly has come a long way with 2 Xtremey Awards under his belt and more in his eyes for the future!

#16 Cam Hicks section :: “NEVER YOU” AtB really adds a great sound to this soundtrack and this song stands out! With Cam rocking in the foreground, this song rocks everyone who hears it!


KAREN FOWLIEKarenFowlie web




TINA THOMAS/RILEY JENSEN SEGMENT: “LEAP OF FAITH” Attitude and a super-catchy chorus drive this song right into the hearts andminds of all who hear it! A huge tribute for Tina and Riley and all women riders, it really shows power-rock with an all-woman crunch!




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MAGIC DAY SEGMENT: “Secrets Pt. 1” And amazing insturmental forms the backdrop for some of the biggest and baddest chute climbing ever filmed! This is good music!!

BRETT COUPAL SEGMENT: “Secrets Pt. 2” No doubt this band has fun when they play, this song rocks! Forming the background sound on Brett’s powder-bashing antics!


DOWN AND ABOVE :: Minneapolis, MNDown and Above


INTRO SECTION/TEASER ON YOUTUBE: “Breakdown on Interstate 80” I have received MANY e-mails about this song, many commenting that they hit those crazy blizzards on I-80 all winter!! I used this song in the teaser because of the many tempo changes and as you can see I edited the footage right to the movement of the song. Love it or not, it is super-catchy and an absolute rocking anthem for sledders!!

DOUG ANDERSON SECTION: “Hope’s Ablaze” Anthem-based grooves and a catchy chorus make this rocker from Down and Above a perfect song for Doug’s great segment.

TRENNIS BAER SECTION: “Love you More” OK, I admit, this song was put in at the last minute as a bit of a joke for Trennis and his new bride, Jamie. They were getting married in August and I had a rocking song in his section but I just had to pull it and throw in some mushy stuff. If you know Trennis and Jamie, you would understand why I did this! They took it in stride and today you can hear Jamie humming this catchy love-anthem while she eats borstch and drinks Kolsch at the Hillcrest in Revelstoke 🙂

TY, BRETT, ANGE and JIM SECTION: “Molasses” Another catchy song that rocks in all the right places. A perfect chorus and hooky drums put this song as a perfect backdrop to this section!


“ANOTHER DAY”: Plays during the crashing section in TS5. Fast paced, just like the crashes!

“EYES AND I”: A picture-perfect acoustic ballad that runs as background to Cam Hick’s helmet camera footage in the closing credits.

“KILLSWITCH”: Carl flies high into the stratosphere with yet another great song from Down and Above!


“MONTANA”: Rolls through the Sarah Mains section of Thunderstruck 4.5.

“QUIET MY HEADACHE”: A fast paced “emo-like” song backs Dan Bush as he goes crazy in the steep and deep!


VERSUS THE NOTHING :: Vancouver, BCVTN band web


DAVE SCHELL SECTION: “Quiet But Effective” A perfect slow-to-fast paced song that incorporates full stops and a rocking attitude. A great addition to Dave’s mixed riding section!

RANDY SWENSON SECTION, song 1: “Bleed the Ocean” A slow start smashes into a perfect rhythm for the first part of Randy’s section. From the awesome guitars to the hooked-up vocals, this song rocks!

SHAWN HASTINGS SECTION: “Cause I Wished” What a great band! This songs flows so perfectly in Shawn’s segment and I love the “When I Wish Upon a Star” chorus!! Great song for an amazing segment!!


LATEFALLEN :: Toronto, ONTLatefallen web


WES LITTLE SECTION: “Bottles and Hearts” A crazy-paced rocking song that starts Wes’ section with a bolt of lightning and polishes the background like a diamond blade! What a great rocking song with a great “I’m on the Floor” bridge!!!

BRAD STORY SECTION: “Out Like A Light” One of the best rider’s in the world deserves an amazing song! From the slow hooky guitars at the beginning to the smashing chorus, this song takes a sledgehammer to Brad’s amazing footage!

RANDY SWENSON SECTION, song 2: “Overwhelming” A quick paced grinding start and amazing lyrics and vocals highlight this great song which wraps up Randy’s section. A catchy chorus and great driving beat takes you over the edge!


SECONDS BEFORE :: Minneapolis, MNseconds before


RIDER AND SPONSOR SEGMENT: “Next in Line” A great song from a Thunderstruck Alumni band, it keeps you melted into the intro, awaiting the onslaught of the footage!!

JULIO EIGUREN SEGMENT: “Signal Down” Julio’s segment actually starts out with a pump-you-up orchestral piece called GRAND COMMAND. Then, “Signal Down” rocks into Julio’s section with a fast-paced hammer punch! With Julio’s amazing riding style, this song goes perfectly with the deep powder and huge mountains he climbs!

BOUMA SEGMENT: “Red Tape” A great slow-paced song to back up the footage from our Bouma Truck Sales commercial.


“HEART OF CONCRETE”: The second song you’ll hear on TS5, it is the backdrop for the Thunderstruck Rider introductions.


“STOP NOT STARTING”: Continues through the Big Iron Shootout segment in TS4.5.

“THERAPY”: Doug Anderson’s Turbo Hound footage goes nicely with this mellow, great sounding tune in TS4.5.


NEGATIVE BLUE :: Simi Valley, CANeg Blue web


MARK MESENBRINK SECTION: “Crash” What better title to a song could Mark have?!? Just kidding, MARK! A catchy groovy song from a few of the guys, this song ties Mark’s footage together nicely!


CANOBLISS :: San Diego, CACanobliss band web


JOE BUSHILLA/JULIE MARQUART SEGMENT: “Psychothermia” With great vocals and a catchy hook, this heavy metal song grinds into a thrashing chorus!

TS GUESTS SECTION: “Sinister Minister” Another great song from Canobliss, this one starts slower and has a grinding vocal chorus that has one gritting their teeth while watching this great assortment of Thunderstruck riders!


TESTING TOMORROW :: Los Angeles, CATesting Tomorrow


CAM HICKS SECTION: “Revolver” An amazing rock song with fast paced slams to full stops, it works magically with Cam’s section. A great chorus and an all together amazing band from LA, a testament to the fact that this unsigned band is well on its way to stardom!

DAN BUSH/SHAWN NESBO SECTION: “3 AM” Unfortuantely, I mislabeled this song in the film and did not catch it in post-production. It says it is Molasses by Down and Above but alas, it is the amazing multi-paced 3AM by Testing Tomorrow! A killer voice and great production of a song, this song takes me into the craziness we sometimes have after the ride!!


“WATER”: Quickly becoming the TS6 anthem behind one of the best sections of the movie, Water is an awe-inducing ballad laced over the top of the most amazing woman riding section EVER in a snowmobiling film… Julie Marquart’s! Awesome lyrics, great music! My favorite!

“GRIP”: A great song with a great beat and chorus added to footage of the turbo Yamaha section just after Randy’s section. With backdrops of Brett Coupal, Jason Earle, Mike Irmen, Gerald Walter, Dan Pate, and Disco Dan Richter, this section ROCKS!

“MISS BELIEF”: Song #11 on the TS6 soundtrack, it takes Shain Stanger’s section of the movie to the top of the Rockies. A slow intro leads straight into the awesome music and lyrics!

“THINGS I NEED”: The second ballad on the TS6 DVD, this awesome songs traces Julio Eiguren’s absolutely rocking powder and climbing section on his turbo Apex. A great song in the film, it makes Julio’s amazing slow-motion powder footage come off the screen!


HYPNOGAJAHypno band web

Hypnogaja on MySpace

Also available on ITUNES!


#1 Intro section :: “THE MARCH” This amazing song has received major airplay from TS7 to the band’s huge new CD release! A driving beat with a catchy course, it starts out TS7 with awe-inspiring intensity!

#2 Dan Bush/Lyle Sinden section :: “PERFECT EXISTENCE” When throttling those amazing turbo Nytros a Perfect Existence is exactly what TS riders feel!

#4 Brad Story section 1 :: “NORMAL ON THE OUTSIDE” And crazy on the inside! Brad Story has one of the best segments we’ve ever filmed and this great song with the catchy chorus tilts the adrenaline into a fevered pitch!

#6 Doc Nesbo section :: “VOODOO BABY” When Doc Nesbo rides we all wonder where his mojo and style come from… Voodoo is the only answer! Check this one out!

#7 Julio section 1 :: “HOME” Taking one of the best riders in the world and showcasing his powder and climbing skills, the lyrics to this slower-paced song fit nicely as Julio shows he can ride!

#8 Julio secion 2/Chris/Carrie :: “CELLAR DOOR” I do love seeing Julio’s riding with a slower paced song as a backdrop. The amazing vocals and music of Cellar Door along with the scream of Julio’s turbo make this section really stand out!

#18 Guest section :: “SCORNED” An awesome array of riders takes “Scorned” to great levels as this song matches the intensity of the riding perfectly!

#19 Kid’s section :: “NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE” Slowing it down just a bit for the jumping section of Taylor, Carl and Cody, this song leaves much to the imagination as we conquer the powder and shred the gnar!

#20 Credits :: “LOOKING GLASS” Another great song from Hypnogaja!

Where we live: Los Angeles, California
Our genre of music: Alternative Rock
Band members: ShyBoy, Nubar, Jeeve, Tim, Chris, Adrian
Favorite music: Everything

Quote: Luck is the meeting of opportunity and preparation.


ABSTRAXTAbstraxt band

Abstraxt on MySpace

Also available on ITUNES!


#3 Mark Mesenbrink section :: “TELL ME WHY” The first song from Absraxt shows a whole new dynamic and style of music in our films as you can plainly hear. Mixing Hip-hop, rap, matel and rock genres, their sound created a huge buzz among Thunderstruck music lovers!

#10 Randy Swenson section 2 :: “REMORSE” What a great song! I sang this at every snow show while Randy shredded on the TV backdrop! Highlighting Randy’s “Super Chute” furst ascent, the intensity of this song puts you in the helicopter, on the hill, in Randy’s seat as he crest the top. Awesome!!!

#11 Trennis Baer section :: “NO REASON” The catchiest tune on the soundtrack, this up beat yet lyrically laid-back song fits Trennis’ riding style nicely! Great riding with a fun song!

#15 Shawn Hastings section :: “HOW MUCH MORE” What a great rap-metal song! Another catchy chorus and intense at that! Another song from TS7 that was hailed as groundbreaking and liked by many!

#17 Dave Schell section :: “FADED MIRROR” An amazing slow paced song that builds into an awesome fast-paced tempo during the hip-hop/rap sections. What a great song for Dave’s awesome section! Also used as the song on the MAIN MENU of the DVD.


TRACENINE (T9)T9 band web



“READY TO ROLL”: This is the first thing you hear when you put in anything involving Thunderstruck 6! It is the song on the main menu of the DVD, the Intro song to the movie, and the first song on the Thunderstruck 6 Soundtrack!!

“OPEN UP YOUR EYES”: What a kick-a$$ song! Song #7 on the TS6 Soundtrack CD, it rocks over the top of Shawn Hasting’s crazy TS6 segment! Great song for a great section!

“SPARE YOUR SOUL”: Adding amazing vocals and crunching guitars to Randy Swenson’s segment, this song is a political statement rocking some of the most amazing sledding in the film!

“UNLEASH MY SOUL”: WOW. Wow. This is a COOL section in Thunderstruck 6! Watch this heavily requested song add a heavenly backdrop to the most amazing climbs ever filmed on a sledding movie. Dan Davidoff takes his sled through the most amazing chutes this planet offers and UNLEASH MY SOUL follows him along all the way! Watch this section… Guaranteed to have you cheering!!!

“LET ME GO”: A great full-stop intro to this song lends a nice editing sequence to the beginning of Cam Hick’s section. From ballad to rocker, this song inspires across the board full-throttle adrenaline!

“BEFORE I AWAKE”: What a great song! Flying through the final credits of the movie, it allows TS6 to end on an absolutely rocking high note! Tracenine ROCKS!

Where we live: Cambridge, ONT. Canada
Our Genre: Hard-Rock
Band Members: Matt Rahn, Adrian C. Blaney, Rob Weir, Dennis Napper
Favorite Music: Hard-Rock
Quote: “Taste Death, Live Life”

Why we chose to be a part of Thunderstruck 6: The combination of our music set to your cinematography is nothing short of EXPLOSIVE! There is great exposure to be had for all involved and we couldn’t be more proud or grateful for this opportunity. We may express ourselves in different ways but one commonality that is shared between TRACENINE and Team Thunderstruck is a genuine passion for life!


Crash AnthemCrash Anthem album


“BIGGEST LETDOWN”: Brad Story’s amazing propane-fueled turbo Apex rocks as the backdrop to the song that is everywhere! Also featured on Spike TV and if you were lucky enough to go to the HayDays Snow Show, you would’ve heard this awesome song live on stage!

“RED ROOM”: Song #2 on the TS6 Soundtrack CD, RED ROOM delivers the high-powered punch Crash Anthem is famous for with the “padded-room” crazy-ness of Dan Davidoff, the Krazy Canadian! What a great song!

“ME MYSELF AND YOU”: A hugely popular song rips behind the amazing riding season of Dave Schell. Another great song and section combination, Crash Anthem makes a statement with this great song!


BlacklineBlackline band

From Los Angeles, California


“THIS MISERY”: An amazing song written by the most popular Thunderstruck Band ever! I took the title and thought, man, Nesbo’s crashes were fairly miserable this year so THIS MISERY is the backdrop to the craziest riding and crashing segment ever in a Thunderstruck Film!

“THE SANDS”: An awesome slower-paced intro kicks in hard as Doug Anderson plays hard on his turbo Yammi!

“BATTLECASE”: An eye-opening song from the best voice in the business and an awesome band! Dan Bush plays hard on his sled as this powerful song takes us over the edge!


“WHEREVER”: A beautiful acoustic ballad played during Lyle’s intense over-the-cliff fall.

“OPEN”: Dan Davidoff has one of the best sections ever filmed this year in TS5 and this great rocking ballad makes an amazing backdrop to the Krazy Canadian’s antics! Also, the song you hear on the main menu when you put in the TS5 DVD.

“REPENT”: A perfect song for our Alaska Segment, Steven really shines his voice into the tempo of the music and the riding!

“ARMAGEDDON SOUL”: One of Blackline’s signature tunes, it traverses the intense chasm that is Cam Hick’s section in TS5. A great rocking song from one of the most popular bands every on our Thunderstruck DVDs!


“RUN”: Doug Anderson segment on TS4. Great song, excellent music and lyrics. A fan favorite.

“KNEES”: Shawn Hastings segment on TS4.



From Minneapolis, Minnesota


“SHORT WAVE”: The second song in TS6, a hoppy anthem showcsing the riders intro segment. This great song is #6 on the Thunderstruck Soundtrack CD!

“INDUSTRY OF COOL”: Watch Dan Davidoff ride the powder and crash his Yamahas to this great, dance-along song! A great addition to Davidoff’s antics! Also song #12 on the TS6 Soundtrack CD!


“YOU’RE MY HABIT”: A great alt-rock tune that backs up our sponsors at the beginning of TS5. A great band!

“NEW INFECTION”: A great rocker that fits perfectly with Julie’s fast-paced and awesome section!

“CAN’T RELATE”: Another hip rocker thats introduces a snowmobile with wheels riding in the sand! This great, catchy tune finishes up with an awe-inspiring section from Shane Stanger!


LowBuzLowBuz band

From New Jersey


“MAKE ME WHOLE”: Song #3 in TS6 which rocks over the sponsor intros. LowBuz has been an amazing Thunderstruck staple for over 10 songs and 4 movies!!

“RUN AWAY”: Another great tune from one of our favorite bands, it has the backdrop of some amazing helicopter footage! A great song and some wow footage! Song #13 on the TS6 Soundtrack CD.

“BETRAYED” Watch Mark Mesenbrink rock his amazing new M8 turbo to this kicked back rock and roller!

“DON’T BELIEVE”: The words you need to hear when Wes Little and one of his turbos is on the screen. It is impossible to believe! Starting in a wow-inducing crash by Wes, this song takes the footage and wraps it in a powerful anthem!


“ON THE LEDGE”: An awesome rocking anthem that serves as a backdrop to our Military tribute with the A-10 Thundersbolts and the riders of Thunderstruck!

“PERFECT”: On the first rider section of TS5, PERFECT rocks out as Doctor Shawn Nesbo takes his Boondocker turboed Apex to the top!

“NOTHING”: One of my favorite songs on TS5 goes with the best powder section in the film! Tired of watching every movie that has all that downhill powder carving that was made popular 5 years ago?? Watch this great section with Joe and Julio and Wade and others as they show how fun powder riding can be. Filmed beautifully, it matches this awesome song perfectly!

“SWALLOW”: A fitting song for Shawn Hasting’s segment because as you watch the lyrics fit nicely! Another great tune from LowBuz!


“CLEAR”: Cam Hick’s and others provide the fun footage over this awesome song in TS4.5 by one of my favorite Thunderstruck bands!

“CRUSH”: A rocking tune with awesome music and lyrics backs various scenic shots and riding shots. Great tune and segment!

“NOT LIKE YOU”: Crashes abound as the chopper hauls out broken sleds during this bass-infused song!


Dropping DaylightDropping Daylight

From Minneapolis, Minnesota


“MY OWN WAY OUT”: A great anthem during Brad Story’s section, it revels in the “I wanna’s” that every person should strive for, especially the “legendary lover” quote!

“SAVE YOURSELF”: A great rocking tune that showcases Lyle’s incredible riding section just before he flies over the cliff!


Index CaseIndex Case Logo

From Indianola, Iowa


“SINCERE”: A heavier, darker song covers Cody Bahny’s flight from Montana to Idaho to Alaska.

“II”: One of my favorite songs on TS5, ‘II’ rocks through the beginning of our assorted riders section. This song really showcases their musicianship and lead singer’s Joe Ansley’s intense depth and melody.

“PERFECT SEASON”: Probably my favorite song on TS5, it marrys Randy’s section perfectly as he rules the mountains of British Columbia. I love this song’s melodic verses that transform into hard core rock and roll for each chorus! Check it out


60 Miles Down60md band

From northern New Jersey


“TALKING TO A DEAD MAN”: Wes Little rocks his way through an amazing section with this great tune! Edited to the flashy music, Wes’ section shows his many facets of riding skill he has perfected over the years!

“ALL THESE THINGS”: The second song in our assorted rider’s section, it fuses driving rythyms with intense stops, melodies and transitions! A great song!


“THE ENEMY”: Featured during the Big Iron Shootout section of TS4.5. What a great band!

“A NEW SKIN”: The Boise crew among others round out this song’s gorgeous scenic videography as 60 MD rocks in the background!

Where we live: Northern NJ / NYC
Our genre of music: Metal / Hard Rock
Band members: John Mosco: Vocals
Roger Manzo: Guitar
Dave Chisholm: Guitar
Eric Bergmann: Bass
Mauricio Kowalczuk: Drums
Favorite music: In no particular order: Corrosion of Conformity, Steve Vai, Faith No More, Alice In Chains, Pain of Salvation, Metallica, Megadeth, Sevendust, Pantera. Too much other stuff to list.

Quote: F*** the quote.



From Iowa City, Iowa


“ARMS OF THE ENEMY”: Again this amazing band from Iowa leads off our new DVD with this melodic thrasher that shows every amazing aspect this band has to offer!


“WHY I HATE GOODBYE”: The first song you hear in the intro. This is one of my favorite songs on the TS4 DVD. Heavy with an awesome chorus and perfect beat, Jeff Aiello edited to this song with wizardry. . . Awesome intro!

“RISE AGAIN”: First song in the body of the movie, it encompasses Trennis Baer’s segment in TS4. Hard hitting perfect first song! And yes, we had 2 songs called RISE AGAIN in the same movie!

“ORDINARY LIFE”: Disco and Davidoff’s section in TS4. I absolutely love this band! Melody and heavy metal, a perfect combo!



From Minneapolis, Minnesota


“TRUST IN YOU”: Takes the Doc Nesbo section on TS4.5 to a higher level. Great song!

“PERMANENT DISGUISE”: A great song with great melodies and lyrics backs John and Justin from KLIM in a gorgeously-filmed and edited segment.


800 Octane800 Octane

From Portland, Oregon


“PAGING MR BRONSON”: Brad Story segment on TS4. One of the most requested song EVER on any Thunderstruck film, I am sure due to the amazingly catchy intro thrashing “My girl thinks I have a death wish. . .” Also used in the July 9th TS4 Teaser in our video gallery.

“RISE AGAIN”: Doc Nesbo segment on TS4. The lyrics fit Nesbo’s segment perfectly! Catchy song!

“APOLOGY TO YOU”: Dan Bush/Lyle Sinden segment on TS4.


60 Cycle Hum60cyclehum

From Ridgecrest, California


“WITHOUT A CLUE” The sponsor intro song on TS4.

“SEVEN YEAR ITCH”: Dan Bush segment on TS4. Fast paced and action packed!

“PAGE”: The Rider intro song on TS4.

Picture is of JIMI from the band!


Bomberman AwesomeBomberman Avenue

Where we live: Seattle, WA
Our genre of music: Alternative Pop Rock
Band Members: Paul Charlie, Daniel Fallou, Mark Stith, Carlos Soto
Favorite Music: Music that rocks off our faces!!!

Watch for NEW BMA music coming soon to TS FILMS!!!




“JUMP TOGETHER”: Cody and Carl segment on TS4. Fits the segment perfectly!

“DISCIPLINE THIS”: Gerald and Julie segment on TS4. A sing-along anthem, you’ll learn the chorus in no time!


Hook Echo


“DISGRACED”: Julio/Shane Hedden segment on TS4. One of the most popular songs ever used in one of our movies. Women and men alike love this song.

“RUBBERBAND”: Fireworks section of TS4. Great song!


Days of Dreams


“SACRED CURTAIN”: Brad Story’s 2nd segment on TS4. Slow and rhythmic, fits Brad’s riding style perfectly. Very cool song and segment.

“SMALL VISITORS” Used in the avalanche section of TS4.




“ACCEPT”: Cam Hicks section on TS4. Lots of timing changes make this song very catchy!




“WATER”: Mustang Johnny’s segment in TS4. A slow anthem, known for the tagline “Johnny you’re out of your mind!”

“CONSIDER YOURSELF”: Another sing-along anthem with a catchy chorus, this songs rocks Paul Fisher’s segment in TS4.


Atomic Tangerine


“GRAVITY”: A perfect song for Wes Little’s segment in TS4. This guy defies gravity day in and day out!


Hollister FracusHollisterFracusPhoto-web

Where we live: Houston, TX
Our genre of music: Hard Rock – balls to the wall, baby!
Band members: Jim Finley – Vox, Mike Pruneda – Guitar, Jerry Lanza – Bass, Aaron Lakner – Drums/Sequencing
Favorite music: Sevendust, RATM, HedPE, Disturbed, SOiL

Quote: “Rock and Roll is not a type of music, it’s a way of life. You either
rock or you don’t. We most definitely rock – how about you?”


13th Step13th Step

Where we live: Los Angeles, California
Our genre of music: FREEK music
Band members: Matt, Shawn, Mike, Tick
Favorite music: Back Street Boys

Quote: Come to California Thunderstruck BOYZ!



Where we live: Minneapolis, MN
Our Genre: ROCK MUSIC!!!
Band Members: Walter Joseph (Vocals), Brian Adams (Guitars), Michael Lannier (Keyboards, Backing Vocals), Steve B. McClurg (Bass), Derek Abrams (Drums)
Favorite Music: ROCK MUSIC!!!



Where we live:
Our genre of music:
Band members:
Favorite music:




Just CauseJust Cause

Where we live: Ventura County, CA
Our genre of music: Rock
Band members: Jim Clouse (bass)Ryan Clouse (lead guitar, back-up vocals) Jeremy Shoop (vocals, rhythm guitar) Joey Cappuccino (drums)
Favorite Music: Dashboard Confessional, Sum 41, Blink 182, Tenacious D

Quote: When the weather’s hot and sticky ain’t the time for dunkin’ dicky, when the frost is on the punkin, then’s the time for dicky dunkin’.


Almost GoneAlmost Gone

Where we live: Los Angeles, CA
Our genre of music: progressive alternative emotional rock & roll
Band members: David Friedman (bass), Mike Wendland (guitar,vocals), Mark Sylvis (vocals, guitar), Chris Toyer (drums)
Favorite music: melody and intensity (Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, too many to list…)

Quote: “Live simply, so others may simply live” Ghandi
“F*** it, fight it, love it, leave it” Mark Sylvis