Shelby, Montana will be rocking simultaneously with the Missoula Show as Doc Shawn Nesbo hosts THUNDERSTRUCK II, The HIGHLINE at the Alibi Lounge in Shelby. Watch the monster sleds of Team Thunderstruck rattle the walls at the Lounge and enjoy a wonderful evening of fun afterwards!

Also, The Big Easy in BOISE, IDAHO will host a public Premiere of Thunderstruck II next Saturday, September 20:

Saturday night, September 20th, at 6:00pm Team thunderstruck has RENTED BOISE’S PREMIER PARTY HOUSE, The Big Easy, for a HUGE night of food, fun, TSII on the big screen, and 4 hours of dancing and partying afterwards!! This night will be huge!!

Doors open at 6:00pm for dinner. Around 7:30 pm we’ll introduce the riders and throw out a ton of awesome prizes from COOL companies like KLIM, FLY RACING, SOBE, BIG SKY XTREME, and perhaps a few local companies!!

Around 8:00pm we’ll throw down the COOLEST INTRO EVER to a sled film!!! If logistics go right in the next day or two, 13th STEP will play the intro to TSII LIVE over the FILM!!! Then, they’ll relax with us as we watch the next 55 minutes of the movie. Then, 13th Step will take to the stage for 45 minutes of FREAK music before the BIG EASY DJ takes over and plays dance and hip-hop and top 40 alternative for the rest of the night!! Remember, the 13th Step thing is in the works but it’s looking good right now!!

If they cannot make the 20 hour trek, we’ll start the show with the original TSII intro!!!!

All else will go as planned and this night will be a night to never forget!! Bring your cameras, bring your adrenaline, bring your dancing shoes. Lots of vendors and big names people will be on hand to chat before and after the show!! (Including some OAKLAND RAIDERS and DENVER BRONCOS!!)

Special thanks to SnoWest and Steve Janes for coming to the premiere in Helena and allowing me to put up this notice on their awesome forum!

Tickets on sale this week at local sled shops and at The Boise Snow Show at the Thunderstruck Booth and several others to be announced!

Only $5.00 to play!!!

– September 9, 2003