2 DVDs- Thunderstruck 14 and Boondockers 12

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Includes 1 Thunderstruck 14 DVD and 1 Boondockers 12 DVD

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2015 Releases!  The front of the backcountry riding movement stars the Boondocker and Thunderstruck crews. With each year the riders of these crews advance to the upper echelons of the skill and domination of the sport of snowmobiling. And now, you can get both new releases, Thunderstruck 14 and Boondockers 12 on DVD! Enjoy the best chute climbers, the best tree riders, the best cliff droppers, the best technical riders and the funniest and craziest powder slayers on 2 films, truly the best sledding film package your money can buy! Starring Dan Gardiner, Randy Swenson, Aaron Case, Trennis Baer, Phatty Dyer, Linden Ladouceur, Matt Entz, Jim Phelan, Smasher and many, many more! Over 2.5 hours of sledding mayhem! 100% family friendly.


1 Thunderstruck 14 DVD
1 Boondockers 12 DVD

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