Thunderstruck 13 DVD


One hour and 48 Minutes of EXTREME!  Thunderstruck 13 DVD!

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There are storm chasers… And there are “the-day-after-the-storm” chasers. Team Thunderstruck has perfected the chase of perfect weather days and Thunderstruck 13 is a magnificent example of how they slay and shred those sunny, powder-filled days! Sun-burned faces, perfect snow, deep powder, crazy climbs and insane crashes!! From sanity all the way to the asylum, it’s all here in TS13! Starring Randy Swenson, Julio Eiguren, Linden Ladouceur, Trennis Baer, Mark Mesenbrink and MANY more! A Jim Phelan Film. 100% Family friendly. Running time 1hr, 48 min.


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