Thunderstruck 3.5 DVD


Where Thunderstruck 3 left off, Thunderstruck 3.5: Redemption takes over!

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THUNDERSTRUCK 3.5:  Redemption

An INSANE new backcountry hillclimbing film from the sickest chute climbers in the world! Amazing powder and tremendous rock-lined chutes melt away before your eyes under the neck-snapping horsepower of the amazing Team Thunderstruck mod sleds! From 300 horsepower custom turbos to trash-talking stockers, this throttle-to-the-bar film needs only your eyes and ears to tempt you into a snow-covered oblivion! Witness the breath-taking Redemption climb, The Utah Turbo Hounds going CRAZY again, the epic helicopter cam and the motocross antics of some of the best in the business! Also, NEVER before seen footage of the aftermath of the miraculous Meadow Mountain avalanche.

Starring: Team Thunderstruck and a few friends!

A Jim Phelan Film.

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