Thunderstruck 4 DVD


Thunderstruck 4 has the only cover shot Trennis Baer has ever had!  I think he is due for another!!  The photo was taken by Graham Helfrick!

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When certain celestial elements align in our massive universe, magical things happen here on earth. Thunderstruck 4 represents the return of Team Thunderstruck to their amazing winter home in the backcountry.  Witness teeth-clenched intensity as the Team dives into the depths of the nastiest winter in years. Amazing powder, gnarly chute pulls, throttle down big air, and huge horsepower sleds take you to the edge of your seat and then drop you into oblivion.

Includes Wes Little’s “Halfway” climb, Mark and Wayne’s epic side-by-side-criss-cross thrashing of Redemption Chute, an amazing 5 sled-3 chute Fireworks Climb that ends in chaos and carnage, and Disco and TurboDan mesmerizing us all with their death-defying over-the-cliff-crashes. Amazing avalanches, beautiful women, an awesome soundtrack and even a fun-filled look at Team Thunderstruck 10 years ago!

Starring: Team Thunderstruck and a few friends!

A Jim Phelan Film.

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