Thunderstruck 5 DVD


AWARD WINNER – Best Rider in a Snowmobile Film, DAN DAVIDOFF

Amazing film includes Lyle Sinden’s Cliff Fall and crazy and zany antics from the Thunderstruck gang!

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Epic cinematography, insane action, terrifying crashes and award-winning riders inject pure heart-stopping adrenaline into a film series continually hailed as “action-packed footage of some of the best mountain riding you’ve ever witnessed!”

Back at home among insane rock lined chutes, bottomless powder and huge windlips, Team Thunderstruck insanely removes the word fear from their vocabulary to incite hair-raising, spine-tingling excitement from young and old alike. Gorgeous sun filled skies, the deepest powder in years, heavenly sunset filming and teeth-clenched helicopter pilots fill your screen with the throttle-down-through-the-rocks intensity the Thunderstruck riders are known for!

Includes footage deemed unviewable by producer Jim Phelan as Lyle Sinden cheats death in a horrific, stomach-turning crash! Also includes epic backflip footage of the Thunderstruck Kids from a 10-day trip to the Alaskan side of the world! Watch an awe-inspiring Team Thunderstruck Military salute with sleds, jet fighters, apache helicopters and more! And witness as we travel to groundbreaking new riding areas where no other film companies venture for a freshly honed look that is miles above the “same old chutes, same old scenery, same old syndrome!” Finally, grab hold of rider Brad Story’s crazy-to-the-bone “The Way We Were” segment that will have you rolling in adrenaline and laughs! Rated G, All audiences. Running time is 60 minutes plus over an hour of extras. Produced by Jim Phelan, Thunderstruck Films.

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