Thunderstruck 7.5 DVD


Thunderstruck 7.5:  Unplugged

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Once TS7 was finished I realized I had literally HOURS of amazing footage that did not make the main movie. TS7 was an amazing show in its own right, winning both BEST SNOWMOBILE FILM OF THE YEAR and BEST RIDER IN A SNOWMOBILE FILM, RANDY SWENSON. Well, TS7.5 – UNPLUGGED continues the amazing TS7 season!

95% never-seen-before footage and produced in a way that should make many fans very happy. UNPLUGGED is its name because there is a NO MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK option included on the DVD. The soundtrack you can choose is 100% what was recorded at the time we recorded the footage! Or you can choose to hear the musical soundtrack over the natural noise!
Raw, Uncut, and Unplugged, Thunderstruck 7.5 takes the viewer on an epic journey to an amazing snowmobiling experience. Immerse yourself into every natural sound recorded while making this movie… every word, every screaming sled, every comment unamplified and without a musical background or soundtrack! You asked for an unplugged movie, now you have it! Including AMAZING segments from Brad Story, Cam Hicks, Julio Eiguren, Randy Swenson and many more, TS7.5 rocks!!
Running Time 1 hour, 5 minutes.
Rated G, All audiences.  Produced by Jim Phelan, Thunderstruck Films