Thunderstruck 9 DVD


A record breaking year in so many ways!  Over 30 CRAZY new chutes slayed!  Thunderstruck 9 stands out as on of the best Snowmobile Films ever produced even today!!

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Imagine the exhilaration of accomplishing things no one else ever has. Imagine conquering the tallest ascents ever attempted on a snowmobile. Smashing World Records… Climbing first ascent after first ascent… Imagine climbing almost 1 mile VERTICALLY on a sled in just over 2 minutes!! The Thunderstruck 9 riding season will surely go down in history for many reasons! We truly had the deepest powder we’ve ever filmed in. We conquered over 30 never-seen-before climbs! We smashed the standing records (unofficial) for the tallest climbs ever by a snowmobile. We traveled all over the Rocky Mountains following the sun and good snow. And now Team Thunderstruck presents it to you in Thunderstruck 9. Far and gone the most intense riding season ever put to DVD and Blu-Ray. Award winning filmmaker Jim Phelan presents TS9!

Rated G, All audiences. Running time 1 hour, 34 minutes plus credits and extras. Produced by Jim Phelan, Thunderstruck Films and Tyler Hicks, Hickshow Productions.

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