What an absolutely CRAZY spring! I’ll talk about the riding and the avalanche later! For now, just in time for 13th Step’s “Paint Your Face” party in Anoka, Minnesota, Big Sky X-treme Productions presents the world premiere of the new music video for their song, ACID LAKE. This video combines elements from the band’s weekend of filming in Bozeman and Island Park with new extreme video from Team Thunderstruck and other riders. You’ll see the likes of Dan Gardiner, Alex T, Shawn Hastings, Josh Marshall, Kyle Armbrust, Shane Hedden, Dan Pate and many more. These are all NEW SLEDDING CLIPS dedicated to the August release of THUNDERSTRUCK II. I just got off the phone with Matt from 13th Step (he got his copies today, party is tomorrow!) and he was ecstatic at the evolution and outcome of this video. Enjoy it while it lasts! A couple notes, better to download the larger version, much better quality. Windows Media editions coming soon. I haven’t edited the adult language out of the video yet, please do NOT watch around children or if offended by adult language. The “G-rated” version should be up soon. Please leave feedback on what you think of my first ever music video production. E-mail me at jim@bigskyx.com!

– June 20, 2003