Birthday: August 6th, 1997
Hometown: Seeley Lake, MT
Occupation: Construction/Homebuilding/Welding
Favorite riding areas: Just about anything in BC
Favorite food: Pizza, Burgers, Steak
Favorite music: Country, Dubstep, Rock
His SLED(s): 2015 AXYS 155
Riding Specialty: Technical Tree Riding
Pastimes/hobbies: Mountain exploration, Guns and anything with a loud motor

Favorite Quote: “There may be people that have more talent then you, but theres no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

Tell Us about you: Every little kid dreams of becoming someone. Some kids want to become firefighters, pro balls players or musicians. As a little kid my only dream was to become a professional snowmobiler and that dream has never left. I continue to pursue my dream and I am excited to be apart of Thunderstruck and feel like this is one step closer to living out my childhood dreams. My love for snowmobiling drives my passion and my passion is what keeps me motivated to never stop pushing.

Special Thanks: I’d like to thank my dad for teaching me how to ride and sharing his passion for the sport with me.