Birthday: April 30, 1996
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Occupation:  Landscaper
Favorite riding areas: Alpine, Wyoming
Favorite food:  Chipotle burritos
Favorite music: Hip Hop, Rap, Rock
His SLED(s):  Boondocker turbo Polaris Axys
Riding Specialty: Trees, and I like to hit jumps and some cliffs but still trying to figure that whole thing out.
Pastimes/hobbies:  The gym or Dirt Biking

Favorite Quote:  Be your self; everyone else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde

Tell Us about you:  Hey everyone, my name is James Finsterwald and I am 20 years old born and raised in Colorado Springs. I graduated in high school in 2014 where I played basketball all four years of my high school career. As a kid, I would spend my winter weekends with my family on sleds. Durning the summers we would spend most of our time down on the lake and camping. These days, I work almost sun up to sun down all summer long.  Mostly, I take winters off to ride. I spend that time either down south working for Matt Entz with Mountainskillz, or up north at the Onasch’s riding some of the best terrain Colorado has to offer.

Special Thanks: A huge special thanks to my parents who have supported me with anything I pursue in life. Another special thanks to all the fine company’s that help my sled and I out so I can ride as much as possible. Mountianskillz, AlpineMotorsportsInc., Klimgear, Vohk, Skinz_protective_gear, Boondocker Movie, Boondocker, Fox, Arcticfxgraphics, Sledsolution, Thunderstruck Films, Iceage, Nekkr, Marlenee Photography, and 2coolairvents. Also would like to thank all my riding buddies who help me on and off the snow become a better rider.