Jim Phelan Rider Page

Occupation:  OptometristJim Phelan, Film-maker, Photographer, Owner of Thunderstruck Films
Favorite riding areas:  Mt. Jefferson, Smith Fork, Joss, Mustang, The West Kootenays
Favorite food:  Anything Cajun like Crawfish Etouffe or BBQ Shrimp, Stone Crab, EFNY Pizza on NW 23rd, Portland
Favorite music:  Metallica, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, EDC Baby!
His SLED:  2015 MCXpress Boosted Yamaha VIPER, Built by Leipheimer Yamaha in Butte, MT!!
Specialty:  Filming, hillclimbing, powder riding

Quote:  “Let’s all sit around and talk about how awesome our sleds are. . . Then we’ll go home.”
“I’m going fishing”

I’m just sitting here updating everyone’s little “file”.