Birthday:  January 17, 1997
Hometown: Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Full Time Sledder
Favorite riding areas: Sicamous and Revelstoke
Favorite food: Cadbury Mini Eggs
Favorite music: Rap/Country
Her SLED(s): 2016 T3 summit 154
Riding Specialty: Jumping and being a goon
Pastimes/hobbies: Dancing, I will dance anywhere.. even to the music in my head. If you don’t see me dancing, something is wrong.

Favorite Quote:  Be kind to one another

Tell Us about you:  Just trying to make everyday count!

Special Thanks:  My mom and dads! Lisa Missler, Aarin Dentman and Chris Missler for their endless support!

Sponsors: Thunderstruck Films, Strikt Gear Company, 509inc, GGB Exhaust, Cheetah Factory Racing, NW Sledder, Itek Industries, C&A Pro Skis, BKG powdercoating, ECD Customs And B.O.K (aka my visa) 🙂