Birthday: October 23, 1981
Hometown: Monte Vista, Colorado
Occupation: Snowmobiler is the short answer. I own/operate Mountain Skillz with Matt Entz. We specialize in personalized technical mountain riding instruction and motorized avalanche safety courses.
Favorite riding areas: I really like riding just about anywhere that has cool terrain and decent snow. That said, of all the places I’ve been, it sure is hard to beat what we have here in southern Colorado!
Favorite food: I really like breakfast. Any kind of breakfast. It’s about the only thing that is good anytime of any day.  And COFFEE!
Favorite music: I listen to a really strange variety! Current kick is old and outlaw country.
His SLED(s): We’ve got a sweet lineup of 6 2017 Polaris AXYS RMKs this winter! 155, 163 and 174 track lengths all setup differently including 2 with BoonDocker turbos built&tuned by VOHK! All but one are available as rental sleds for our Mountain Skillz clients. I ride a different one almost every day and typically at the end of the day, that one is my favorite!
Riding Specialty:  I love anything that is technical and a challenge! My favorite is picking my way through tight trees on a steep sidehill. The mental and physical challenge of big Thunderstruck style climbs is also intriguing me more and more!
Pastimes/hobbies: Just about all time that I’m not working is spent with my family. I cherish everything we get to do together.

Favorite Quote: It’s a good day to learn!

Tell Us about you: I’m extremely blessed with a wonderful and supportive wife (Jesse) and we have two lovely daughters Elly and Ashley. The three of them are my inspiration for everything that I do. I love helping and teaching people, especially about snowmobiling and being safe in the mountains. I drink a lot of coffee!

Special Thanks: Polaris Snowmobiles, Klim, VOHK, Skinz Protective Gear, Arctic FX Graphics, Highmark by SnowPulse, Mirage Trailers, BoonDocker turbos, ZBROZ Racing, C&A Pro Skis, Sled Solutions, Marlenee Photography, Boondockers movies, TKI CNC, Mammut, Caliber products, Frankensled, Backcountry United, and RAD3K.