Ridge Brown rider photo


Birthdate: 11-02-1991

Hometown: Stevensville MT

Occupation: Construction Worker

Favorite Riding Area: Well I haven’t really explored much but I really like Seeley Lake MT and Southfork CO

Favorite Food: I don’t really have one I just like food

Favorite Music: don’t really have a favorite listed to pretty much anything

Your Sled: 2015 Arctic Cat M8000 162, hopefully with a turbo for 2015/2016 riding season

Riding Specialty: Anything besides chutes not a big fan of those yet

Past time/Hobbies: hobbies besides riding my sled, in the summer I love trying to ride my dirt bike as much as I can, play softball for a few months out of the summer.

Favorite Quote: You’ll never know your limits unless you push yourself to them!

Tell Us About You: My name is Ridge Brown, I am from small town Stevensville MT. I work for Baer Concrete and Excavation and Bitterroot Garage Door Services, I love riding my dirt bike as much as I can and when I’m not doing that I love a good RZR ride or a good street bike ride. I started snowmobiling when I was 12 years old riding a buddies sled that lived right down the road, a few years later I finally got my own sled, a 2005 Polaris RMK 600 144 and pushed it to the limits and finally had to sell it and the first year I rode for Thunderstruck I was on a 2012 Polaris Pro 800 and now I couldn’t be any happier but to be riding my 2015 Arctic Cat M800. Then the winter of 2014 I finally got my first chance to ride for Thunderstruck Films and got a small part in TS13 and I’m hoping to grow and grow from that little part to a full on part in the movie. I am super excited to see what new, cool, crazy places I will get to explore riding with some of the biggest best riders in the world. One of my biggest dreams that I always talked about was someone filming me riding my sled so I could see what it looked like from someone else’s point of view and that dream has came true.

Special Thanks: I really have to throw out a huge thanks to my Mom (Mel) and my Dad (Ken) for sticking with me and keeping a sled under my belt, have to thank The Baer’s (Wendall Lynore and Trennis) for putting in a good word for me, thanks to Jim Phelan for giving me a chance to show what I can do on a sled, thanks to all the sponsors that helped me out in my first year of filming and thanks to anyone and everyone else that has helped me along the way to making my dream come true.