Birthday: August 26th 1995
Hometown:  Providence, Utah.
Occupation:  Simmons Inc.
Favorite riding areas: Blue River & Revelstoke B.C. – Logan Utah
Favorite food: Steak & seafood
Favorite music: Anything with a good beat!
Your SLED(s): 2015 Arctic Cat 800 OVS pump gas turbo. 2015 Arctic Cat 800 stocker. 2014 Arctic Cat OVS race gas turbo. 2006 Polaris IQR Chassi driven by a 1000cc RX1 Propane turbo.
Riding Specialty: Staying on boost!
Pastimes/hobbies: Riding sleds with my dad & grandpa, Horse riding, camping, fishing, hunting, boating & anything that gives me an adrenaline rush.

Favorite Quote: Live every day as if it were your last.

Tell Us about you: Just a kid trying to live life to the fullest!

Special Thanks: My father Val Simmons, and grandfather Verlin Simmons for always supporting me in the snowmobiling industry.

Sponsors: Klim gear. Mountain Valley Machine. Arctic Cat. NWsledder. Blown motor. Simmons Inc. F2S clothing. NGK. Ogden valley sports. Pure logic tuning. Apex machine. Ice Age. Dr Lefevre chiropractic. Redbull. Vforce reeds. Oregon trial sports. Frankensled. Octane addictions. Team. Boss seats.