Sid Huntsman


Birthday: 3-10-61
Hometown:  Idaho Falls, Id
Occupation:  Investment Banker, Rancher, Snowmobile Marketing Manager @ Klim
Favorite riding areas: Idaho, Wyoming, Revelstoke
Favorite food:  Grilled cheese sandwiches
Favorite music:  Country
Your SLED(s):  2014 Polaris Boondocker turboed Pro w/most of the Skinz aftermarket products,  2015 Axys – mods, it’s a work in progress but a Boondocker turbo will be on it.
Riding Specialty:  I love all types of riding
Pastimes/hobbies:  Bowhunting, Horse riding

Favorite Quote: “I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead”

Tell Us about you:  I like spending time riding and socializing with Klim sponsored athletes as well as any Klim Ambassador.

Special Thanks:   Klim, A wife who supports my endless additions, and all of the Klim teams and athletes.



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