Well, I guess snow conditions have been really strange this year. This, and the horrible avalanche conditions, have made filming THUNDERSTRUCK II quite a remarkable undertaking. Normally we ride and climb some pretty crazy stuff but after a few avalanche brushes we have really become timid in the steep and deep. Spring snow has finally arrived and our big mods are hitting the stable bowls and hills but we want to remind everyone that avalanches can and will happen during the spring also. We would also like to say we miss you JASON.

We have been travelling a bunch and meeting some awesome new people. We have also been filming some great new riders and some veterans who are as crazy as the day is long! We spent a week in SW Wyoming and Utah and also travelled to Island Park several times. West Expo has also come and gone with tons of fun and some amazing riding and filming.

Congratulations are in order to Team Thunderstruck’s WES LITTLE who was the first rider EVER to climb The Threadmaker on Mt. Jefferson’s north face. It is a CRAZY line and a do-or-die chute. Wes pulled several other amazing climbs that day and lo and behold this will all be seen in THUNDERSTRUCK II.

We’re going to be filming around home until next weekend when we will travel south to play at The FAIRVIEW SHOOTOUT in Fairview, Utah. This non-sanctioned race brings out the biggest and baddest sleds in the world and is always a blast to watch and race in!

After that we will be shooting closer to home for the rest of the year as snow conditions here are awesome and ready for some rockin’ mods to tear up the mountains.

The THUNDERSTRUCK II teaser will be up on this website here in the next couple weeks so WATCH for it!!

-March 25, 2003